Declaration of Mr. Spyriounis concerning the 12th Ioannina Lake Run

At the homestretch of the 12th Ioannina Lake Run, and while everything has taken its’ way, for a strong - stronger than ever organization, it’s worth to stray for a while from the hectic preparations to listen to its’ essence and to its message.   

Those of us who believed in the potential of this athletic event and worked hard until it got solid foundations, felt from the very start that “Ioannina Lake Run” was not just a one-dimensional race of massive participation.  

Today, twelve years later, with our city gathering runners from all around Greece and from conterminous countries, we feel ourselves reasserted. Lake Run starts to get its real dimensions and it turns into what we expected it to be: the big chance of Ioannina.  

Ioannina Lake Run turns into a new symbol capable to mesmerize people throughout the world. And once they get in Ioannina we know that everything else is simple. The merging of different civilizations, nature with its gifts, our city with its’ vibe, everything will work together to overwhelm our visitors.  

Just before the start of the 12th Lake Run it’s the time to connect with the essence of this organization. To listen carefully to the message that it’s whispering to us: the promise of Ioannina of the 21st century, a city perfectly balanced between its’ past and its’ modern figure.  

This portrayal of Ioannina is yet a bet to win until Ioannina Lake Run becomes a common vision among us: among small businesses, hotels, restaurants, theatrical groups and even bloggers, archaeologists, councilmen.   

With this declaration I invite you to live this years’ organization through a new perspective, making a leap in time, touching our vision of our land and its’ future. Let’s not miss the chance. Let’s make the 12th Lake Run the substantial beginning of the organization. Because there will not be a better moment to seize this big chance for Ioannina.

Now is the time.

Ilias Spyriounis

General Manager