Pamvotida Lake The diamond of Ioannina

Lake of Ioannina is a natural lake located in Valley Center , surrounded by mountains , creating a unique landscape of extraordinary beauty .

It belongs to the natural eutrophic lakes with the type of vegetation called “Magnopotamion” or “Hydrocharition”. Floating vegetation is located in the water body of the lake with aquatic plants, such as the “lentil of water”, the “neighbour of river”, “water lilies”, “irises” etc. Species with a limited distribution in Greece are also represented; for example, the “ferns of the water”.

The shores of the lake and the coast of the island are covered by dense and extensive reed beds. Furthermore, the lakeside vegetation includes residues from aquatic forests of willows, aspens and planes, as well as limited wet meadows, which flood periodically during the winter period and become particularly important sites for nesting and feeding of the wading birds.

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