Registrations. Declare yourself to the race

CAUTION: Participation Declarations for the 13th Round Lake Ioannina, will be until Monday, 10/09/2019.

Participations for the races "Mom - Stroller", "Family Run", "Cycling at Lake Pamvotis", will open on Tuesday, 20th August 2019.

To complete your entry, you must pay the corresponding fee within 48 hours from the registration.
You may register with one of the following methods.

Online registration

By completing your details online in our registration form automatically completes your registration in the race. To complete your entry, the corresponding fee must be paid.

Send the paper version by fax or email

You can finish your registration in the race, sending the printed statement by fax at: 26510 25818 or email at:

CAUTION: Registration to be comprehensive should have paid the corresponding participation fee.

Participation Fee. Find out the cost


  • Round Lake Ioannina, Dynamic Walking 30km: 20 euros.
  • Road Race 10km:: 15 euros.
  • Road Race 5km: 8 euros.
  • Lakeside Road 1000m for disabled: Free.
  • Lakeside Road "Mom-stroller": Free.

Groups Over 10 people

  • Round Lake Ioannina, Dynamic Walking 30km: 17 euros.
  • Road Race 10km:: 12 euros.
  • Road Race 5km:: 6 euros.

Groups EOLSMA-Y Over 10 people

  • Round Lake Ioannina, Dynamic Walking 30km: 12 euros.
  • Road Race 10km:: 10 euros.

Payment Methods. Learn how to pay the fee

Online via Paypal
By completing the online participation form you can pay your participation fee directly via PayPal using credit card.

Bank deposit
You can pay for your participations by depositing to the following bank account of Piraeus Bank:
ΙΒΑΝ: GR1801724070005407083323346
Account number: 5407 - 083323 - 346
Payee: LIMNI

Reason: The participating runner’s name must be written necessarily. For group participations should be written the leader’s name.

CAUTION: Bank transfer costs are borne by the participant rather than the organizer, if this condition is not met, the entry is considered void. In the details of the deposit must state the name of the athlete running or in the case of group registration the name of the group leader for the identification of data can be matched.

Refund - Cancellation Policy:
Cancellations of participations are accepted only by written statements and only until 25 of August 2019. Past this date, no cancellation requests will be accepted. In case of cancellation, the participation fee is returned to the applicant with 2 euros withholding (bank trading fee). Refunds are realized about a month after the race. Invoice of provided services is made only if asked and the payment of 24% VAT is demanded, according to the Greek laws.