30km Lake Run Get informed about the route

Starting point - Ending: Mavili Square, Molos Ioannina
Start Time: 9:00 a.m., Sunday 22/09/2019

Reception of chips-numbers:

On Friday afternoon 20 September and Saturday 21 September, at Mavili Square, the secretariat of Ioannina Lake Run will be installed in order runners to receive their participation pack for the race they have chosen. The secretariat schedule is as follows:

Friday 20 September:
17:00-21:00: 30 km - 10 km – 5 km

Saturday 21 September:
10.00 - 14.00: 30 km - 10 km – 5 km
16.00 - 21.00: 30 km -10 km

Participation Fee:
  • Personal Registration: 20 euros.
  • Group Registration (above 10 people): 17 euros.
  • Group EOLSMA-Y Registration (above 10 people): 12 euros.
The Entry Package includes:
  • Technical t-shirt of the race
  • Number of Participation cursor
  • Electronic timer with chip
  • Collectible commemorative medal finish
  • Commemorative participation diploma
  • Provision of water, sports drinks and medical services during and after the race
  • Medical Services
  • Photos

Route Description

Διαδρομή αγώνα

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Square Mavili Avenue Karamanlis Kountourioti Papandreou 8th Division Access to Perama Access to Amfithea Access to Longades Access to Vasiliki Intersection Kastritsa Intersection Drosochori Junction to wooden bridges Miaoulis Coast Garibaldi Dionysios the Philosopher finish line Square Mavili.

Remark: The track is certified by the IAAF/AIMS.

Kilometers Indications: All along the race entries per 1 km.

Timing: Electronic.

Time Limit: 4:30 hours
Every athlete that after 13:00 has not gone through the intersection Miaoulis Coast and Vogianou will continue the path from the lakeside sidewalk street, according to the directions of the judge and will finish under his/her own responsibility.

Certified Route from IAAF Athletics

Useful Information

Water Supply Stations:
Διαδρομή αγώνα

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There will be 11 stations for supplies.

  • 5km: Natural Mineral Water Vikos
  • 7,5km: Natural Mineral Water Vikos
  • 10km: Natural Mineral Water Vikos, Isotonics
  • 12,5km: Natural Mineral Water Vikos
  • 15km: Natural Mineral Water Vikos, Isotonics, bananas
  • 17,5km: Natural Mineral Water Vikos
  • 20km: Natural Mineral Water Vikos, Isotonics, Vikos Cola, gel, raisins
  • 22,5km: Natural Mineral Water Vikos
  • 25km: Natural Mineral Water Vikos, Isotonics, bananas, Vikos Cola
  • 27,5km: Natural Mineral Water Vikos
  • 30km: Natural Mineral Water Vikos, Isotonics, bananas, raisins, baklava

NOTE: Runners are requested to leave bottles and glasses on the right side of the road, to facilitate their collection and recycling.


All athletes from 18 years old. All athletes should undergo medical examination before the race under their own responsibility and should know that they participate also under their own responsibility.


The race’s categories are formed by five years (based on the athletes’ age). In case of insufficient number of athletes in a category they will be formed by decades. The overall winners will not be also rewarded at their category.

Men - Women:
1. Up to 34 years old
2. 35 to 39 years old
3. 40 to 44 years old
4. 45 to 49 years old
5. 50 to 54 years old
6. 55 to 59 years old
7. 60 to 64 years old
8. 65 years old and more

Prizes - Awards:

Cash prizes to the top three winners of the overall ranking. The amounts will be 600€, 300€ and 150€ respectively.

To all finishers will be given a commemorative medal and diploma of the race.

In the general classification men and women will be awarded the 1st. Medal cup winner and diploma to the first three athletes. In categories (five-year) will be awarded the first three athletes-only three medal and diploma.

The prize giving ceremony will take place in the area of termination at the end of the race (about 12:30 m.m.).


The registrations are divided into:

a. Personal, that are applied individually.

b. Group. Group registrations refer to applications of groups of 10 people at least, which will participate at the 30, 10, and 5 km races. They aim at sports clubs, clubs that belong to EOLSMAY (Hellenic Association of Mass Popular Sports and Ultra Running Clubs), gyms, corporations, schools, travel agencies and even groups of friends that wish to participate as a team.

During a group registration a team leader must be determined who, if needed, will represent his/her team for any matter.

Group registrations are done on-line and are recognized by adding the group’s name at the corresponding column.

Health Coverage:

Health coverage of the race is provided by the valuable help of health agencies, physicians, volunteers and Volunteer Samaritans and Rescuers of the Greek Red Cross (branch of Ioannina), throughout the length and route of the race.

The organizers are not responsible for what might happen during the race on health issues due to lack of preventive medical check. It is recommended that participants have recently undergone medical examination.

The organizers will not request medical certificates for any athletes, since all participants are participating with their own exclusive responsibility and minors under the responsibility of their guardians.

Collecting Runners (30km race):

An organization’s vehicle with volunteer Samaritans will follow the last runners, to collect those who wish to quit the race. Runners who do not need medical assistance but quit can wait to supply stations until an organization’s vehicle takes them to the finish.

Management of Personal Belongings:

Participants will deliver - receive their personal belongings at the starting point at Square Mavili. Also athletes are requested not to carry valuables in their bags. The organization takes no responsibility for any loss.

Registration Form Online registration

Entries for the 13th Round Lake Ioannina have started. Subscriptions can be made in one of the following ways: