A medal of power and motion

A medal of power and motion

A medal of power and motion, that stands out from the ordinary, as outstanding Ioannina Lake Run is, will be given to all runners on 22 and 23 of September.

The 12th Ioannina Lake Run, loyal to its connection with culture and environment, for one more year offers to its runners an impressive work of art, that reflects the power of the running movement.

But this year, the medal signifies something more: the new generation that takes the torch leading to the future. Thus, the medal carries the signature of the sophomore student of the Department of Fine Arts of University of Ioannina, Vangelis Chalkias, and was the result of an exemplary selection procedure, between ideas and suggestions of students of the Sculpting Workshop, under the diligence of their professor Christos Skalkotos.

At this “competition”, that was part of an educational project, took part 13 students’ suggestions-maquettes. The trust the Organizing Committee of Ioannina Lake Run had to the students was rewarded by the result, because this year’s medal has original shape and aesthetics. All the suggestions-maquettes that participated in the competition are planned to be exhibit to the public during the conduction of the 12th Ioannina Lake Run.  

The maquette with Vangelis Chalkia’s design was transfigured into an amazing medal, as its designer had it imagined. “What I wanted was to break the circle and create a different shape. After a lot of maquettes, one after another, I made it”, he said. Indeed, the asymmetrical form of the medal is extraordinary with its recesses and projections giving more dynamics to the composition, whose center has runners in motion.     

The Organizing Committee of Ioannina Lake Run is proud of their choice to give a chance to new artists and promote athletics and culture, as they have done throughout their 12-year course, supporting at the same time people who live and create in Ioannina.