Volunteers. Help yourself to the race

The Volunteers are one of the major factors of a sporting event. With your presence you ensure the best conditions both for athletes and the spectators of the event.

For the prosecution of Ioannina Lake Run is required a large number of volunteers to achieve the objectives of safety and to provide high quality services to the athletes.

With your good mood and dynamism you help all runners have a wonderful time during the race. Become a volunteer and experience the joy of belonging to a large sporting event.

Simply complete the form below and soon a representative of Ioannina Lake Run will contact with you.

The contribution of the judges and the trainers from all over the athletic ranges is equally important as they officiate of timekeepers and the markers of the race.

There are also:

  • Ambulance which belongs to the Emergency Aid Centre
  • “Olympion” of Ioannina – Rehabilitation Centre
  • Health coverage by a doctor
  • the Rescuers and Volunteers branch of Samaritans of the Greek Red Cross
  • Athletic and Cultural Associations of Perama, Amfithea, Logades, Kastritsa, Katsika and Anatoli (residential areas near the lake Pamvotis)

The route is supervised by the Police Department of Ioannina, while the Radio Amateur Association of Ioannina provide their valuable help.

Volunteer application. Complete it now!

You can really become one of the most basic fighters, a volunteer!!! Underage volunteers can participate in Ioannina Lake Run Volunteer Program, with the written consent of their parent or guardian. Download the application, complete it and send it via;

  • A fax at the telephone number of the Athletic Group Poseidon; +30 26510 25818
  • An e-mail at the e-mail address office@ioanninalakerun.gr
Or just fill your details on the following form:
Holder of driving license:
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