The functional sections of our Athletic Group Poseidon (A.O. Poseidon) are the following;

  • Learning and racing classical swimming
  • Water polo
  • Long distances’ runners

The Athletic Group “POSEIDON IOANNINON” is a non-profitable association, which has been established in 1991, in the city of Ioannina, by a group of parents who visualized conveying alternative choices and aims to their children and the other children of their city via the sports.

After hard working, respect to athletic ideals and always following the worth of beauty and reality, the club has advanced and its “athletic family” has been increased, numerating today more than 450 athletes. Moreover, once a year, during the spring, Pan-Hellenic, time limit swimming races between teams are successfully organized, in which participation rights have the Pre-racing and the Racing categories. This competition has been named “POSEIDONIA”.

In recent years, the prizes and the success of Poseidon athletes, especially at the classical swimming, set the group among the best 5 provincial swimming teams in Greece. At the same time, many athletes who come from the group, staff the national teams. The Lake of Ioannina Running Race has been created after the great desire of some independent racers in this area, in which the instigator and the leader were George Danikas (1957 – 2010) and his cardiac friend and teammate NickMihos. This idea had been entirely supported and adopted by all the group of “A. O. Poseidon”, creating the sport section of Long distances’ runners.

The team of Long Distances’ Runners leads to the most significant organizations in Greece, culminating the conquest of the third position among the teams which had been participated in the Classical Marathon of Athens in 2009. As a result of this sporting discrimination, A. O. Poseidon Ioanninon has been awarded by the Athletic General Secretary, named PanagiotisBitsaxis, during the Hellenic Athletics Federation (SEGAS) annual celebration. As a matter of fact, when he was reported to the Athletic Group, he characterized it as “the fastest developing provincial team”. The 50 runners of the group represent our city and our country abroad, taking part in a variety of important organizations, such as the Marathons in Boston, in Rome, in Berlin etc.


LIMNI is a non-profit organisation based in Ioannina and its main purpose is to display, promote and highlight the beautiful and sensitive ecosystem of Lake Pamvotis as well as the other natural elements of the wider region of Epirus, through the organization of various sport, cultural and environmental activities and events.

In this context, LIMNI has undertaken to coordinate and conduct road races around Lake Pamvotis aiming to increase the awareness about the lake in national and international level, so as to attract tourists and reinforce tourism development in the region, especially in the field of alternative tourism.

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