Sponsors.Valuable help

Ioannina Lake Run is among the five greatest footraces in Greece, the most important athletic organization in Epirus, (judging from participations, viewers, publicity) and the leading athletic/ cultural event in Ioannina.
Furthermore, it enjoys the affection and dedicated support of the runners and citizens of Ioannina, with a hard core of staunch supporters whose number is growing continuously.

The organizers’ never-ending effort to attract top athletes offering the best benefits, but also promoting the event multiplying the advantages, requires substantial funds, necessary to support our vision and reassure its continuity and strengthening.

Fortunately our belief that sports, culture and environment are integral part of the life of a healthy society is shared not only by local sectors, but also by generous sponsors – companies, institutions and private individuals.

A large number of such sponsors have contributed to the work of Ioannina Lake Run, demonstrating in concrete terms their confidence. Sponsorship enables companies to meet their goals for corporate social responsibility, and to support the sports and the cultural values of our society.

Ioannina Lake Run takes every possible opportunity to publicly acknowledge the contribution of its sponsors, expressing its gratitude for their support and its confidence that it will always enjoy the backing of such valuable supporters.