400 participants run at “The roads of Perama”

400 participants run at “The roads of Perama”

A celebration of sport and environment were the events at “The roads of Perama” that formed the beginning of the multidimensional happenings of the 12th Ioannina Lake Run.

About 400 runners of every age, mostly children, participated at the races of 1.500 and 3.500 m., organized by the Athletic Club Poseidon Ioannina and the urban non-profit organization Limni, with the contribution of the races’ sponsor Perama Cave, in cooperation with the Cultural Club of Perama “The Cave”, the Athletic Club of Perama “Proodeftiki of Perama” and the Municipal Community of Perama.

The aim of the happenings was to constitute a warm-up for the main races of next weekend and to point out one more beautiful part of the lakeside area, like the lakeside park, and also give the opportunity to the people to visit the famed cave with a 50% discount.


An environmental touch to the events gave the Management Body of Pamvotis Lake that organized workshops about the biodiversity of the lake, environmental games and birdwatching. At the lakeside park of Perama was also Followgreen, the first interactive platform that connects the municipality with the people, the businesses and the schools aiming to increase recycling.