VIKOS Inc. runs alongside with Ioannina Lake Run

VIKOS Inc. runs alongside with Ioannina Lake Run

Vikos Inc. is for another year the great sponsor of Ioannina Lake Run, the most important foot-race of the Region of Epirus, that will take place in 22-23 of September.

Ioannina Lake Run assembles every year a great number of professional and amateur athletes throughout Greece and from abroad, who want to participate to the big 30km race around Pamvotis Lake, and also outstanding professional and amateur athletes who want to participate and excel in the 10 and 5km routes.

All participants will be hydrated throughout the races with the Natural Mineral Water “Vikos”, that guarantees the right body function during workout and recovery.

Without a doubt it’s a “one-way” collaboration, considering that the uniqueness of the lakeside route could only be framed by the Natural Mineral Water with the unique taste and distinct quality, that was established in Epirus and conquered all of Greece.    

VIKOS Inc. is the number one Greek bottling company. Natural Mineral Water “Vikos” is bottled directly in the titular spring, at the reserved Zagori villages. It’s certified as mineral water ideal for a low sodium diet, has low salinity and high conciseness of calcium, while it contributes to a good body function.

VIKOS Inc. is always a pioneer and it invests on innovation. In this context and responding to the contemporary alimentary tendencies, it presented in 2017 its new addition to the variety of its drinks, the Mineral Soft Drinks “Vikos” with sweetener from the stevia plant in the following flavors: Vikos Orangeade, Vikos Lemonade and Vikos Cola. The Mineral Soft Drinks “Vikos” are the only ones with Natural Mineral Water.